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Time to spice things up! (Paul Nelson - 11 augustus 2017)

The Spice Tree by Compass Box

Nose: Aromatic and pleasantly fragrant. Dried herbs, spices, oak and vanilla.
It also has a peppery bourbon scent to it.

Palate: Toffee spices, herbal, vanilla, very rich and peppery.

Finish: Reasonably long. Very spicy, big and rich.

Conclusion: Compass Box once again prove that it doesn't have to be a single malt to be brilliant!
A very rich and complex dram, love it! (93/100pts)

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Promised to get back to you on this one! (Paul Nelson - 1 juli 2017)

Limited Edition Single Cask Benromach 8 years (cask strength)

Nose: Chocolatey, smoky & ashy (in a good way). Malted barley and candied lemon emerge after a while in the Glencairn and are immediate in the NEAT. The NEAT also reveals fruit (pear) & spice from the get go.

Palate : Rich. Fruity, herby, salty with plenty of peat and ash. After airing the taste shifts to ginger and star anise spiciness.

Finish: Pleasantly long. Tobacco, dark chocolate and liquorice are the lead act here.
The retro-nasal olfaction is milky (almond), malty and roasted (coffee, mocha). 

Conclusion: Rich, long and spicy. But, surprisingly elegant... Love it!
I will be taking my time with this bottle. (91/100pts)

(Paul Nelson - 10 juni 2017)

Mackmyra have been kind enough to send us a sample of their limited edition 10yr expression.

Our regulars will know I have been looking forward to this for quite some time!
What does 10 year maturation in bourbon, oloroso and new American oak barrels give us?

The nose is fruity with a spicy cheekiness. The mix use of barrels result in a symphony of dried fruits/berries, oak and sweet vanilla. Using the NEAT glass I could pick up on hints of pear.

Fruit and spice are definitely present on the palate. Dried fruits and raisins (sherry influence?) are yet again accompanied with vanilla and oak.

The finish is a medium long encore of what was experienced on nose and palate. The 46.1% ABV leaves a pleasant tingle on the tongue and soothing warmth in the throat. An inexperienced drinker may find it a tad harsh.

Mackmyra's the first age statement whisky won't be everyone's cup of tea... erm whisky. I enjoyed it though, it is a reasonably light and nimble whisky with a sharp edge. Maybe a wee bit too sharp for its age.
Peat enthusiasts will miss a smokey note, but should still give it a go. 

Take a look on their website to discover the rest of the Mackmyra range.

(Paul Nelson - 28 mei 2017)

On the market since March this year ('17), Roe & Co Irish Whiskey!

Diageo are getting back in the Irish whiskey game after letting go of Bushmills a few years ago.

Roe & Co is a very pleasant blend of malt and grain whiskey matured in ex-bourbon barrels (most being first fill).

Sweet, creamy and fragrant. Notes of soft spice and hints of vanilla.

Once again sweet, fruity (pears) and vanilla. The balance of flavours in remarkable. Very smooth texture.

Gentle, lingering into a light creaminess.

Welcome back Diageo! Roe & Co is are great, inviting dram and will be a favourite amongst Irish whiskey lovers.  (86/100pts)

The Norlan whisky glass. (Paul Nelson - 7 mei 2017)

Brainchild of Shane Bahng backed by kickstarter funding.
Developed using 3D printers alongside a select group of Scotland’s whisky industry experts offering feedback on design choices.
The selected design intends to be a beautiful tumbler-style glass that gives the drinker a better nosing experience.

The Norlan is definitely a thing of beauty, no arguing there. The double wall design is an eyecatcher!
It also looks heftier than it really is. The glass is unusually light in the hand and that does take getting used to.

As in how the glass performs... I'm not sure yet.
Norlan have made various claims and I have read reviews backing them.
I have only tried the glass with a measure of 10yr Ballechin and so far I'm not fully convinced.
It did seem to take the 'sting' out the dram, but it also dampened certain aromas which didn't benefit the Ballechin.
I will have to use the Norlan with more whisky's before coming to a final conclusion.

First impressions?
A beautiful hand blown glass, but still has to prove it's worth the considerable £42 (roughly €50) pricetag for a pair of Norlans.

Real Men Drink Whisky NL will be getting back to you on the subject!

In the meanwhile have a look on the Norlan website for more information.